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portrayal and repainting
the imaginary museum of gaël davrinche
In his most recent works, Gaël Davrinche confronts the great masters in the history of art: Velázquez, Ingres, Vermeer…

The exhibition 'Portrayal and repainting', was presented in the first half of 2006 at the Soissons Museum, then at the Atelier de Sèvres Foundation in Paris.

Dominique Roussel, Curator at the Soissons Museum opened up his museum space to the artist and 'entrusted' him with two works from his collection. For the first time, the works of Gaël Davrinche were exhibited in the 'presence' of the paintings used as reference.

At the Atelier de Sèvres Foundation, the exhibition depicted another climate: a perfectly ironical solemnity. In the exhibition space, archetypical of a portrait gallery (vault and zenith lighting), 'the Portrait of Philippe IV', after Velázquez, was hung alongside 'The Fife Player' after Manet…

Once again, and with great intensity, the nature of the space helped to propel the visitor into the interior of Gaël Davrinche's imaginary museum.

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  View of the exhibition at the l'Abbaye Saint-Leger
Musée de Soissons

  View of the exhibition at the Musée de Soissons (detail)

  View of the exhibition at the Fondation Atelier de Sèvres (detail), Paris

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