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light time
an exhibition as a poetical deployment of the artist's work
This exhibition comprised around fifty works created by German artists between the 1970s and the present day. It took the form of a journey of initiation covering several floors of a number of vast buildings typical of the industrial architecture of the nineteenth century.

Here, the sheer immensity of the space gave the Leisgens the opportunity to express themselves in their work as never before and on an exceptional scale.

What's more, the space inspired the artists to explore a new stage in their work, one that was directly stimulated by the configuration of the venue, by means of a previously unused sound installation: Concert for Kanaal. By linking up sensors arranged on silo roofs to a computing source, in turn connected to a video projector, the Leisgens were able to produce a projected image (an orchestra conductor's hand) that varied according to the wind's strength.

Designing an exhibition as a poetical deployment of the artist's work and a propulsion towards a new reality is the task that Nathalie Parientť sets herself in Hors les Murs.

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Download the video Concert for Kanaal (4502 Kb)

  View of the exhibition (detail)

  View of the installation: Concert for Kanaal

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